Choosing a company to design & develop your website doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming

Searching for a web design & development company to create your business a website can sometimes seem tough as there are soo many different businesses out there, but if you are a small to medium sized business or even a start-up, look no further.

Here at BMWEB Development, we understand the needs of a start-up, small and medium businesses and what needs to be done online to develop and increase their online presence and that’s why we are here to help!

If you are a business owner of a start-up, small or medium sized business but don’t have a website, check out our page here highlighting why it’s important to have one in 2021, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. (Coming shortly).

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Communication & approachability

Services we provide

Adaptable, resilient & responsive

We are here forever

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Why choose us? – we know you need to choose the right company for your website, we have created some highlights below on why choosing BMWEB Development is a good idea!

We love websites and we will be passionate about your business too. Every project we start, we spend a little time talking about your business, everything from what you do both past and present but also your future plans. We like to know the ins and outs of your business which enables us to capture and show that through your website to really catch your target audience and potential new customers.

Here are a few points about our best bits:

Our pricing plans, we are affordable, flexible and adjust according to your circumstances

Our pricing plans are competitively designed for your benefit. Research shows that our pricing is outstanding for what you get for any of our plans compared to other web design businesses across the UK.

We have introduced ‘flexi’ payments*. They are the total project cost spread out a set period of time that has been agreed by us and you which allows easier and manageable payments in your circumstances.

Communication & approachability

Communication has always been at the top of our list and is really important to us. We have created many ways for our current & new clients to keep in touch with us and vice versa, we don’t like formal. Just send us a message to our WhatsApp, phone call or email whenever you need to about anything regarding your project. We’ll always be there and get back you you as soon as possible. We are really approachable whenever you need us.

Services we provide – out of this world!

Since starting our business up nearly 1 year ago, we have grown and developed really well. We have invested a lot of time and money into quality design software to really get down to the roots of building a website. Along this we have invested in quality website hosting on reliable servers to get the best online performance for your website with absolute minimum downtime.

Our ‘All-In-One’ service is amazing for start-up to medium sized businesses as it covers absolutely everything about the project. Read more about it on our services page.

Adaptable, resilient & responsive

We have an amazing record for being adaptable, resilient & responsive in all of our projects. Sometimes things might not go to plan, go wrong or you simply might not be keen on a certain idea or design. We are quick to act on it and find a solution to resolve.

Web design projects sometimes change such as the brief, scope creep (price or work increase from initial agreement) or what your business needs. Previous projects have taught and prepared us for this, we have succeeded and exceeded our clients expectations with last minute or short notice adjustments.

We believe in proactive rather than reactive is the best way to go to resolve any issues during a project or catching a technical error before your website users notice. Our systems & eyes are constantly on the look for potential issues before they become one.

We are here forever (for the entirety of your website’s life)

We don’t just build your website a business and ship you on your way not knowing what to do with it or how to look after it. We have seen many web design freelancers or other web design businesses do this and have seen first hand what issues they cause! – business directors need to focus on the business, not worrying how to correct something on a website themselves if they haven’t done it before or had poor guidance how to.

To save that nightmare, we do everything for you (as part of our ‘All-In-One’ service). From building & launching you site to keeping it updated, online and secure, we do it all and we work closely with businesses keeping their website fresh and updated. We know your business is important and we want you to focus on what really matters and leave us to manage your website for you. – Our clients love this!